Punto final Reserva malbec 2008 “October Wine Of The Month”

The Wine:

 winemaker’s notes:

Deep red in color with intense violet shades. On the nose, a combination of red fruits and toasty notes given by the French oak are evident. In the mouth the wine is complex and structured with a long aftertaste. Pair with grilled meats or tagliatelle with spicy tomato sauce.

 The Region:

 Mendozais by far the largest of Argentina’s wine regions, producing around 70% of the country’s wine.
Situated in the rain shadow of the Andes mountains to the west,Mendoza benefits from a dry climate and high average temperatures. Irrigation is provided by the various rivers which cross the region, including theMendoza river itself, which runs down from the mountains. Warm, dry harvest periods mean that winemakers are able to pick their grapes according to ripeness, rather than being ruled by the vagaries of the weather. As with otherNew World countries, this leads to a reduction in vintage variation, as well as consistent quality from year to year. Predictable harvests also affordMendoza’s winemakers the luxury of increased control over the styles of wine they produce – a factor which has contributed to the region’s international reputation.

 The winery:

 Located at Perdriel, at the foot ofLosAndesMountains, combines a medieval tower built of rocks with state of the art technical equipment. In the limey soils surrounding the winery grow the best Malbec grapes of the world. Punto Final Clásico and Reserva are modern, fruity, elegant wines with a distinctive personality. Their labels show a unique style focused in the typical aromas ofArgentina’s emblematic variety.

The philosophy is to attain the highest quality within the highest international standards. This goal is achieved through scrupulous care of the vineyards and devotion to wine and the winemaking process.


 $19.99/Bottle, 15%OFF 3 Bottles, 20%OFF 6 or more

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